Why Wordle is Taking Over the World

Why Wordle is Taking Over the World

Sarah Callahan, Contributing Writer


If you have spent any time walking through the hallways, sitting at morning meetings, or in the commons, you have probably overheard, or perhaps taken part in, the conversations about “the Wordle today.” I ask several people throughout the day if they have done the Wordle, sometimes following up by asking if it was tricky or easy. Even further than that, I’ll ask if they have done the “Quordle,” “Octordle,” or “Worldle.” I know I am not the only one with these daily interactions all driven by this game. But why is everyone talking about Wordle and where did it come from?

The irresistible game originated from a man named Josh Wardle who gave his wife a programmed game for them to play during quarantine as they enjoyed other word-centric games such as Spelling Bee and Anagrams. Wardle is the software engineer behind the strategic green, yellow, and gray tiles that Wordle is famous for. The game became so successful and popular that the New York Times went ahead and purchased it at the start of 2022. 

Many have analyzed the design of these tiles and whether their appeal has to do with why everyone is hooked on the game. Contrary to popular belief, this game is not meant to be addictive or attention-consuming. The use of colored tiles to guide you on your next decision within the game is actually a tactic used in graphic design and is aimed to capture the narrative of each row. 

Another big reason that Wordle is so popular is because of its daily chosen word. The scarcity of having just one every day was the drive to its being a sensation. Each day the daily Wordle resets and a new word is programmed to guess. This creates a routine for those participating and allows for this morning ritual for all involved. 

Wordle has fostered a community of people eager to expand their minds and find commonalities among those around them. This game has brought many together during a time that’s been causing a divide, but it is still simply just a fun little game.