2022-2023 Student Body Co-President Candidates Q&A: Schuyler Lloyd and Danny Alepa

As a preview for the upcoming election panel, we asked the five pairs of presidential candidates a few questions in hopes to capture their backgrounds, ambitions, and plans for next year; here is how they responded.

First, what is a fun fact about each of you?

Schuyler has two younger sisters and Danny has two older sisters. We are a balance of both the oldest and the youngest.

What are three initiatives that you are looking forward to implementing if elected?

The three main initiatives that we are looking forward to implementing if we are elected are the House system, an in-school Art Fair, and Friday Night Highlighted Events, including Homecoming. In terms of the new house system, we want to reduce the current 6 houses into 2 houses to encourage competition between all the houses. The In-school Art Fair would give all performing and visual artists the opportunity to feature their work in front of the school and also, five other students the chance to view their peers’ art. Finally, we plan to have Friday Night Highlighted Events with tailgates, spirits, food trucks, and games to increase availability for other students to go to the games. Also, we want to create a homecoming week with a spirit week leading up to a competitive football game and then, a semi-formal dance.

What makes you different from other candidates?

Danny and I are different from the other candidates as we are running as a boy and girl pair. We have a background in Student Equity and Inclusion and Student Life Committees. We both are committed to our academics and athletics and have a huge interest in the arts. Our balance across all communities at Pingree is what truly sets us apart from the other pairs.

What made you interested in becoming co-presidents and representing Pingree?

We were inspired by leaders from the past, including sports captains, presidents, peer tutors, head tour guides, and upperclassmen, who helped us feel a part of the community. We want to pass that on to the rest of the Pingree community through our leadership. We genuinely want to improve the community and have ideas to better every student’s experience at Pingree. We both have experiences within so many communities within Pingree: sports teams (JV and varsity), clubs (swiftly painting, waffle club, math team), classes (wide range of classes from intro level to AP level, and visual art classes to performance arts class, H blocks), committees (Student Life, Student Equity and Inclusion). We also really want to help ease the transition for the new dean and work with the new dean to better the community and connect with the students.