2022-2023 Student Body Co-President Candidates Q&A: Tess McLafferty and Evan Bocchino

As a preview for the upcoming election panel, we asked the five pairs of presidential candidates a few questions in hopes to capture their backgrounds, ambitions, and plans for next year; here is how they responded.

First, what is a fun fact about each of you?

Evan: I am missing my appendix!

Tess: Rainbow sprinkles are my favorite food group, no questions asked.

What are three initiatives that you are looking forward to implementing if elected?

Evan and I really want to focus on highlighting spirit. This would come in the form of increased highlighted events, such as Friday Night Lights football games, themed dances like Silent Disco, or providing activities and food after school so that sticking around for massive highlighted events – like the Winter Musical or a senior game – is easy and fun.

The second initiative we will implement is the creation of a student social justice advising panel. We know that the voices of two white students can never speak for the whole of Pingree school. It is because of this that we wish to create a panel of leaders from social justice clubs and affinity groups that can come together to create informed justice initiatives, using the presidential platform to push for true equitable change.

Last, but most certainly not least, we think that morning meetings are the most seen part of this presidency: we will take every step to make them as fun and interactive as possible! From music playing as everyone walks in, to new and improved games, to arts performances and surprise events, we promise to bring fun and joyous energy to every Tuesday and Friday morning we have together!!

What makes you different from other candidates?

 We both have taken part in so many Pingree experiences. Both artsy, both athletic (have you seen Tess’s bball skills?!), but we think it is our energy that really sets us apart. Whether we’re groovin’ it up on the semi-dance floor or greeting people in the halls, it is in our nature to push forward our initiatives with drive and enthusiasm. We both love fostering a high-energy community, so we know you will find us at all sporting events, theater productions, and dance concerts, and our morning meetings would definitely be sparkling with energy and spirit.

 What made you interested in becoming co-presidents and representing Pingree?

Evan and I bonded in English class this year over our sense of humor, love of Pingree bagels, and oddly deep conversations about making real change. For us, it’s not about the title, or the fact that we have wanted to do this since the womb: we chose to run because we love this community, and because we have events planned and so much change that we want to make happen. This place is so fun and has all our favorite people in it, and we want to take care of one another and give each other a joyful and impactful year, so running for co-presidents just seemed like the natural next step. We want to use our platform to push forth initiatives and infuse some loving, fun energy into every aspect of this community.