2022-2023 Student Body Co-President Candidates Q&A: Whit Tedford and Rogan Cardinal

As a preview for the upcoming election panel, we asked the five pairs of presidential candidates a few questions in hopes to capture their backgrounds, ambitions, and plans for next year; here is how they responded.

​​First, what is a fun fact about each of you?

Rogan: makes a killer quesadilla 

Whit: makes a killer breakfast sandwich

What are three initiatives that you are looking forward to implementing if elected?

First, a Powderpuff game to increase school spirit.

Second, a House Point initiative that awards points to students attending sports events and performances in which they do not participate.

Third, providing students with the opportunity to choose the way Pingree supports charities and fundraisers. Opening up charity events such as basketball tournaments, talent shows, and other things that the student body will be able to vote on.

What makes you different from other candidates?

 What makes us different from other candidates is the wide variety of activities and events in which we participate in. It is because of this wide range of activities that we believe we can represent a large amount of the student body. 

What made you interested in becoming co-presidents and representing Pingree?

I think that together, we wanted to be co-presidents because we want to have a lasting effect on the Pingree community. We think that our backgrounds, along with our ambitions for the next school year will provide this community with a sense of school spirit, and togetherness like never before.