Seniors Kick Off 2022-2023

Anji Aguja, Staff Writer

On September 9, 2022, the class of 2023 took a ride to Singing Beach to celebrate the start of senior year. At the beginning of each academic year, the senior class enjoys a sunrise together at one of our local beaches. 

Despite the early wake-up, nearly the whole grade showed up. Many students, having to travel more than 30 minutes, made the trek to Manchester and arrived before the sun rose over the clouds. To acknowledge the dedication of our fellow friends and classmates, many students shared Munchkins, donuts, and blankets. Thankfully, the upbeat music playing over the speakers was able to wake everyone up.

Senior Ashley Dukatz commented on the six am arrival at the beach: “Something about waking up early with your friends to see the sunrise really unites a grade!” 

After the early morning celebration, we headed back to Pingree to decorate the front drive. After passing out bagels and chalking the driveway, we waited to greet the Pingree community. 

“The class of 2023’s energy made for the most fun and well-spirited clap-in that I have experienced in my time at Pingree,” said senior Liv Ribaudo. “I felt the same joy that I had in past years when driving through the clap-in.”  

Adorned in our “23NIOR” t-shirts, we enjoyed our third day of school. Included below are pictures taken by Seniors Jack Moulison, Caitlyn Dion, Ashley Dukatz, and Will Smith.