The Word from Frankie and Caitlyn


Olivia Simpson, Staff Writer

As we kickstart our new year it’s inevitable people start asking, “What’s next?” With that question in mind, I sat down with our student body presidents, Caitlyn Dion and Frankie Kennedy. Many of you may know their faces from morning meetings, but here’s a little more about them as people.

“Why did you run?”

Frankie began by saying he’s always been interested in student government and when this opportunity came around it seemed like the right fit. He also talked about how he wanted to be able to plan events and be a face for the school, along with being an advocate for each individual student at Pingree. Caitlyn’s reasons were one in the same, as she wanted to improve the Pingree experience for herself and others who had similar struggles. She explained that as a queer woman at Pingree, there were times she had felt uncomfortable in situations where she didn’t feel supported and was seeking to change that so no one else has to feel the same kind of otherness.

“What’s your past with Pingree?”

Caitlyn let me know she has been part of the Student Life Committee as a freshman; a leader of Pingree Pals; a member of GSA, book club, and Model UN; vice president of Pulsa Acapella; and one of the captains of the softball and volleyball teams. Frankie had an equally long list of accomplishments, including being a member of green team; helping to start an ethical fashion club; playing football, basketball and lacrosse; and helping out with the hiring team for new members of faculty.

“What’s in the works?”

To list off a few of the ideas, they mentioned bringing back the junior formal, a school dance, and generally a fun and chill atmosphere. In efforts to create this atmosphere they talked about brainstorming about a week that, while can’t officially be named, may resemble the structure of something that begins with home and ends with coming. 

“Will there be any changes in the house system?”

The gist of it is it’s not possible to do an entire overhaul and, for example, make just two houses instead of six. However, Caitlyn and Frankie are working on gradual changes over the year. Along with upping house spirit they said they were working to also get the school spirit in general higher. Whether it’s morning meeting birthday songs or just a smiling face in the hallway, they want to encourage people to show their spirit in whatever way makes sense for them.

Back to you, everyone.

Frankie and Caitlyn are hoping to turn the questions back to all of you. Though it may seem intimidating to  suggest something, student feedback is the way we can mold the Pingree environment to be a place where we can all thrive. They’re excited to hear your ideas and are “pumped for a good year,” says Frankie. So go ahead, reach out to your school presidents. Caitlyn is at [email protected]. Frankie is at [email protected]!