Pingree falls to Andover, 2-1

Pingree unable to come back from 2-0 deficit


Kristian Arrivillaga exhausted after loss – By Aakash Nandipaku

Remy Poisson, Sports Editor

The Pingree varsity soccer team was defeated 2-1 by Phillips Andover on October 12, 2022.

Although a physical and closely contested game throughout, Andover dominated the first half. Commanding the ball and playing smart soccer, Andover was able to take a 2-0 lead over the Highlanders. However, Pingree showed absolutely no signs of giving up despite the tough 2-0 deficit.

Senior captain Rogan Cardinal cut Andover’s lead to one with a beautiful penalty kick early in the second half, but Andover’s defense held strong and the Highlanders were unable to muster any other points after the PK.

Senior Captain Jack Moulison – By Aakash Nandipaku

Although Pingree didn’t come out of the game with a win, the team was proud of the way they battled an elite club like Phillips Andover. “To lose by only one, to a team as skilled as they (Andover) are, is a win for us in my book.” says senior Kristian Arrivillaga. “I was happy with the way we kept our composure in a game that was extremely physical and chippy.”

The Highlander’s hope to continue with this positive momentum in their next slate of in-conference matchups next week.