Jewish Student Union Club


Mackenzie Taylor, Staff Writer

Club Leaders: Marah Goldman and Josh Berman

How long has JSU been a club?

JSU has been a club at Pingree for about  four years. 

Who is the club for? How many members are in JSU?

The club is for mainly people who practice the Jewish religion but it is open to the entire community no matter how you identify. The club has around 30 people but the number of people who go to the meetings varies each time.

Does the club have a mission statement?

The main goal of JSU is to create a safe place for Jewish people to share their opinions and experiences. 

How do club meetings work? What can a student get out of the club by joining?

JSU meets on Fridays every other week during break. During a meeting you might play educational Jewish Kahoots or trivia, listen to Jewish music, and discuss your lives.

By joining the club, you will have  the opportunity to participate in meaningful conversations, try new foods, and create new friendships.

How can I contribute?

You can contribute to the club by bringing your perspectives to the Jewish community and sharing your thoughts.