Dancing in the Name of Cupid

Tess McLafferty, Managing Editor

This past Friday, Pingree’s cafeteria transformed, in the name of Cupid, from a dining hall to a dance floor. This Valentine’s Day Dance was not only a way for students to connect and show off their moves but also was a means of supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Rosebud, which serves youth on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Pingree students have been visiting the Rosebud Reservation through an annual student summer program for many years.

The small cash donations and favorite children’s books gifted by dance-goers amounted to over $750 and two stuffed boxes of books that will be sent to the Boys & Girls Club in the coming weeks. Prizes were raffled, Blackjack was played, and moves were busted all in the name of celebrating Valentine’s Day and the Boys & Girls Club of Rosebud.

Learn more about the Boys and Girls Club of Rosebud here.